Just A Little Reminder

I want to warn you. This post has nothing to do with food (I know disappointing) but I figure I have an hour or so to kill here so I want to bring some awareness to a situation since the pandemic has began.

Your dogs health is so important from their nose all the way down to their adorable little hineys. I can’t be the only dog parent who gets stressed when I find a new bump or spot on their pup and want to get into the vet as soon as possible. Both my pups, one who is no longer with us (RIP Ace) have had a few issues. Every time I freak. They have always been fine after a procedure and along we go with our lives. The vets have always been amazing! ELENI RELAX!

So here’s my point.

Just like hospitals and doctors offices, vet offices are packed to brim with appointments, phones ringing off the hook and Veterinarians are working countless amounts of hours. All for us and our fur babies. They care! It’s their job and they are awesome! As patients we must be kind and show patience. Everyone is doing the best they can out here and let’s be honest were all tired.

So here Dobby and I sit, waiting for our turn. Keeping each other company and keeping calm. Your fur child feeds off your energy so please don’t get angry. We’re all in this together and we’re all doing our part for the community. Whatever that may be just remember to be kind.

Okay! Now back to playing Patty Cake with my dog (just kidding!)

Kind of…

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